Daily Archives: 22. februar 2012

Hatmail del 4

Nå begynner det å bli virkelig gøy her. Liker at alle jeg kjenner spamer henne. Tror du hun hadde blitt lei seg om hun viste at familien min liker meg, at ingen av vennene mine har snudd meg ryggen og at jeg får pult?
Det er sannsynligvis mer lykke enn denne dama noen sinne vil få oppleve.

„Luca“, have you already been kicked out by your parents for being a transsexual pervert? I bet some of your friends just don’t have time for you anymore after you came out to them. They just ignore you, right, „Luca“?

There are enough real, normal men out there, why should anyone date you? Maybe only those girls who are not allowed to keep a pet in their home?

As Michele Bachmann (U.S. politician) said: being LGBTQ is a lifestyle choice. „Luca“, you don’t want to accept the rules of our normal society, instead you want to alter things you don’t like, but that is immoral. Bachmann also said that you are utterly selfish by doing that. How dare you, „Luca“.

By the way, „love“ does not exist. What exists are different levels of interest in another person. The term „love“ was only created because people always need some „icing on the cake“, to make things look more special.

„Luca“, you can’t decide who you love? That is a flaw, because your rational mind should always determine your actions.

„Luca“, I woke up this morning to 47 (!) emails on my account, some of them were welcome letters from lesbian dating websites, some of them were registration confirmations from LGBTQ porn websites, but I also received a certain amount of death threats. One of them even claimed to be a „sadomasochist“ and I consider that email as a direct threat towards myself.

And you still claim that LGBTQ people are not hateful? How naive you are. Being LGBTQ is about being selfish, immoral, nasty, naughty, greedy and power-mad.

I will tell you something, „Luca“: Stay away from the normal people. Don’t try to be friends with us, don’t try to appease us by sending out «<3"-symbols.

Just hide your abnormality, then we can talk about tolerating you. But you will never be accepted for who you are, of course.
Don’t try to corrupt normal people.