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Og her kommer hatmail del 2

«Luca»,       you will never be a real man. You won’t have the features a normal, real man has. You don’t deserve being a man. Only those who are born male deserve being male.

How dare you to fake your identity by pretending to be a man, «Luca». A girl who takes drugs (Testosterone) and wants to undergo surgeries to alter her body to a male one – that hasn’t even happened in my worst nightmares yet. I grew up in a wonderful, peaceful world and then drug dealers, perpetrators of violence, child abusers and perverts like you came into this paradise. How dare you. You scare the hell out of me, «Luca». The shooting/bomb attack in Norway also happened because people like you are obliterating moral standards and basic values of our normal human society. You force people like Anders Bering Breivik to take action against liberal perverts like you. «Luca», you and your friends, the LGBTQ liberal-communist perverts, are responsible for that outbreak of violence. There is blood on your hands.

Soon you will be very sorry for who you are. You will apologise to all of us normal people. Shame on you, «Luca».

Please write back. -Sophie M. Herold


Denne trivelige mailen lå i min innboks i dag.

Hello «Luca»,       you are what you are and have to deal with it, like everybody else. Stop trying to pretend to be «better» than others because you consider yourself «transsexual». You have to play your gender role, you have to do what society expects from you. If you don’t, you have to suffer from the consequences.

Just look what you have between your legs. If you have male private parts, you are a man, if you have female private parts, you are a woman. Understood?

I am sorry to inform you that your gay and transsexual experiment won’t have a future. Please try to understand this. It was fun for a while, like watching weird looking animals in a zoo, but only as long as you were hiding and not showing your transsexuality in public. Years ago, transsexuality was merely the base for novels or movies. But now that you are demanding equal rights, we normal (=straight) people have to face a real problem. You are naughty and greedy. You have overdone things. And because you demand too much, you won’t get anything. «Luca», there is a reason why two sexes (male and female) exist.

I have to say that you don’t understand what you and your fellow transsexuals are trying to do. You want to question what we straight people value.

I want to say that I will use every legal measure to keep off LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Queer) people from having equal rights.

There isn’t an endless amount of human rights available, we have to deploy our resources carefully and wisely.       Eventually you will understand this one day. «Luca», it is unbelievable how you, the LGBTQ people think that your sexual orientation could ever be socially accepted. It is such a miscalculation to assume that you would ever be equal. You can never expect that. Never ever. I will take every legal measure to fight you, I will try to avoid contact with you in real life. I don’t want to be touched by you (e.g. by shaking hands), I don’t want to sit next to you in a bus, I don’t want you in or near my family. I might have already met transsexual people, that’s why we need some sort of worlwide database where all the LGBTQ people are listed. So that we normal people can avoid you.

There are things in the world that are just not okay. Being transsexual is one of them. I would love to be able to avoid you, but even in my peaceful, normal city there was a «Pride» this summer, a LGBTQ march for equal rights. How dare you to claim that being LGBTQ is normal.       Most straight people don’t show openly their aversion for you, but that doesn’t mean that they approve your lifestyle. Straight people might not beat you up, they might even talk and smile to you, but only on the outside. On the inside they wait until the laws that protect you will become invalid and then…dare you.       If you can’t conform to our (straight) society, you won’t be a part of our society.

We will get rid of the the LGBTQ perverts. One way or another.

Transsexuality is, like pedophilia, an abnormal sexual behaviour. A disability. A flaw. Something you HAVE to fight. «Luca», if you can’t control your emotions then you’re – excuse my language – f****ed.       Discipline, self control, rational thoughts should always dominate your mind.       I’m not very religious, and I don’t know what God wants. We just have to deal with the facts: why are far more than 90% of all people normal (=straight)? Because we are RIGHT and you LGBTQ people are WRONG.

The reason why you are LGBTQ is that you want attention, or you want to find an excuse why you can’t live your life to the fullest, or why you don’t need to reproduce, maybe you even want to find a reason to sue your former employer for firing you. Then you tell everyone ‘Oh it’s because I’m LGBTQ, he/she fired me because of this!’

Your wrong transsexual orientation disgusts me to no end.       S

uppressing your wrong transsexual feelings, that’s what you should do. It’s a matter of discipline. Until scientists will find a medicine that helps against transsexuality, you LGBTQ people are on your own to fight it. Because it is you who are causing the problem. «Luca», soon you will be very sorry for who you are. You will apologise to all of us normal people.

We can’t allow LGBTQ people to go for their sexual orientation. If everyone did what you do, the world would turn into chaos.       As soon as scientists will find the «transsexual gene», there won’t be any transsexual babies anymore in this world. Then we can get rid of the transsexual perverts from the very beginning.

LGBTQ people won’t have a future, that’s why they should become normal immediately.       And because only 2-3% (others claim 10%) of all people are LGBTQ, we can abandon them. The world population is already large enough, why should we keep the LGBTQ people alive?       It isn’t anything personal, it’s just a job.

Please try to understand that this is necessary.

«Luca», you are what you are. Stop trying to be better than others by altering things that you don’t like about yourself. If you can’t get along with the fact that you are a woman, it’s your own problem. Stop bothering other people with it. In fact you don’t have any problems. All that you’re doing is just a weird idea that comes from the fact that today, everybody is trying to stand out and to be selfish.       «Luca», you are a woman. You have to be with a man. If you don’t attarct any men, you should consider growing your hair longer, wearing makeup and dressing more girly.       I hope you will never have kids. Because you would mess them up.

Please answer this message.

-Sophie M. Herold P.S.: It is absolutely inappropriate to show your bare female chest on the internet. Stop that, will you?